Facility Review: Brunswick Community Hospital – Brunswick, GA

The Facility

Located in Georgia’s Golden Isles, between Jacksonville and Savannah, Southeast Georgia’s Brunswick Campus Hospital lies. This 300-bed medical center, founded back in 1888, serves residents of five neighboring counties. The facility has come a long way since its victorian era founding. It now represents nearly every primary medical specialty and continues to integrate cutting-edge technology into its practice. The hospital has even added a new surgical robot to its arsenal, the CyberKnife M6. This continued innovation has resulted in numerous awards and honors, making the Brunswick Campus a leader in the region. 

The Town

To better understand the travel nurse experience in “The Peach State,” we ask one of our travelers, Rebecca, for an insider report on the Brunswick Campus experience. She enjoyed the old-world Victorian architecture, Atlantic Coast views, and kid-friendly environment that the central metropolitan hub has to offer. While we are sure traveling with your kids is NOT easy, the endless natural recreation opportunities provided her and her family with ample entertainment. Travelers can spend their off days exploring the four islands that comprise the aforementioned golden isles, St. Simonds, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, and Little St Simonds. This coastal area is lined with hiking trails and state-operated natural regions too big to explore in 13 weeks. If you happen to be traveling without children and have more time for nightlife, this old-world city has plenty of modern amenities to accommodate you. Brunswick happens to be the 9th most populous city in America, housing 57% of the state. This large population has created a bustling downtown area filled with bars, restaurants, live music, and a club scene. Travelers can also expect warm weather and fresh seafood as the spring season unfolds. 

Rebecca also spoke very highly of her unit’s management staff and operations. The hospital is traveler-friendly, and her manager made her feel welcomed and advocated for them. Rebeca also felt that her caseload was manageable, only dealing with 5-6 patients at a time. After eight weeks, she was even promoted to charge nurse as a traveler, a rare feat. She recalled a time when her manager made sure she got to her car safely after completing a night shift. While COVID has created resentment between travelers and staff nurses, it is simply NOT the case at the Brunswick campus. So whether you have a family or are flying solo, do not miss out on this slept-on opportunity in the peach state!

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