how it works.

This is How We Do It.



Yep, you've got high standards, you set your boundaries, and we respect that. Those are two perks of becoming a travel nurse, and the power is in your hands. Whatever your reason for getting into this lifestyle (even if it's the money), there's a place for you here. From swiping on a job to your first offer, the Lead experience just hits different! 100% Free Advice: We highly suggest you date around and find yourself the perfect recruiter, even if it means the best staffing firm for you isn't us!

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If we're your new best friend, the travel nurse community is your twin flame. They will always be your most excellent resource, escape, and solace. Thanks to our partner, MedVenture App, finding and getting to know other nurses in your area just got easier. You can always use Facebook groups and a good old-fashioned Instagram DM; we have some great friends we'd love to introduce you to at one of our monthly events.

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Friends don't let friends ignore
red flags.

So, we're friends now, right? And since friends should not have secrets from each other, you can count on us to be honest, and transparent about the process, the time, AND the pay. Don't accept anything less from any of our recruiters or anyone else's.

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E-v-e-r-y want
and need met.

We're all in this together, but this is your adventure made your way. Our matching tool allows you to find the location, the hospital, and the pay you want; submitting and receiving an offer follows quickly, so pack your bags!