Location Review: Southshore University Hospital – Southshore, NY

The Facility

Southshore University Hospital is a recently renovated state-of-the-art level II trauma center situated on the south shore of Long Island in New York. This 300-bed teaching facility has become a local leader in neurology, orthopedics, emergency care, and women’s health following their 600 million dollar renovations. Southshore’s small size, and direct university connection, make it a great place for nurses to gain high-quality education without being overwhelmed by patients. 

The Location

Southshore Hospital is located in Bay Shore, NY, a historic oceanside town that was originally purchased from the Secatogue Native Americans over 300 years ago. As New York City grew into the metropolitan juggernaut that it is today, the town quickly became an oasis for residents looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big apple. Its proximity to NYC means that travelers can enjoy the best of both worlds, at a fraction of the cost. The median rent in Bay Shore is $1,400 to New York’s $3,450 while being only an hour away. The local recreation in Bay Shore has something for everyone. Gardiner County Park is a sprawling 231-acre wildlife area with a huge network of hiking and riding trails waiting to be explored. Those who enjoy an ocean breeze can travel a mere 20 minutes east to Bay Shore scenic Atlantic ocean waterfront where they can enjoy fresh seafood, boating, and old-world architecture. After a long day of clam chowder and hiking, travelers can unwind at one of Bay Shore’s many local breweries or restaurants. The Great South Bay Brewery is an aptly named local institution that hosts weekly events including trivia, live music, and even bingo for those with geriatric tendencies. If you are looking for a night of fine dining AND fine art, fear not! Bay Shore locals have a tight-knit traditional and performing arts community that hosts frequent shows and events at local venues. After you satiate your hunger for fine art, head to the award-winning Lake House restaurant to indulge your remaining senses. Once you have had your fill of Bay Shore’s local bounty, and need a change of pace, make your way to its big brother, NYC. Though this concrete jungle where dreams are made (thank you, Alicia) is only an hour away, Bay Shore residents can avoid traffic via the numerous public transit options. Travelers can enjoy live NBA/MLB games, incredible nightlife, and broadway spectacles any day of the week and be back in Bay Shore for a 12 hour shift the next day. 

The location of this cutting-edge facility offers a unique opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime without breaking the bank. It is only 13 weeks; why not try it on for size?

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