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Three Good Reasons:

The Gram

Latest Opportunities

Baltimore, Maryland

RN – Critical Care – ICU

Weekly Gross: $2,118 Shift: 12hr Days

Certification Req.: BLS,ACLS

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

RN – Critical Care – CVICU

Weekly Gross: $2,047 Shift: 12hr Nights

Certification Req.: BLS,ACLS

Columbus, Ohio

RN – Telemetry

Weekly Gross: $2,278 Shift: 12hr Nights

Certification Req.: BLS,ACLS

Coos Bay, Oregon

RN – Progressive Care Unit

Weekly Gross: $2,543 Shift: 12hr Nights

Certification Req.: BLS,ACLS


Behind The Scrubs

Join us as we scrub in to the travel nurse experience by getting in touch with the community and spending time with our favorite kind of people, Travel Nurses!

Our host, Justin Allison, is joined by different nurses from all over the U.S to swap stories and dive into hot topics, current events, industry standards, and of course, to spill all the tea. We believe talking, sharing, and giving voice to issues that the industry would prefer we keep silent about gives the power back to the nurses, where it belongs.

So join the resistance by listening and subscribing to the podcast keeping you up to date on changes in the community, and introducing you to some bad a** new colleagues!

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Listen or Watch More



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