Location Review: Watsonville Community Hospital

The Facility

Watsonville is a place for anyone and everyone. Both Seasoned and first-time travelers at this location report a real sense of community among the people and the hospital staff. It’s a breath of fresh air, a place to recharge after a long stint of assignments or before an upcoming one. Also, Watsonville hasn’t seen a COVID case in two months! You can almost believe things are back to normal. A small facility, 106 total beds, Watsonville sees about 5-15 OR cases per day, 70-115 ER patients per day, and around 120 births per month. As a fun fact, this hospital is directly linked with the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford, offering an Intermediate Intensive Care Nursery,  Level II NICU, and that patented Stanford Care. Home to 620 employees, most of which are bilingual, you’ll be joining a great team. 

The Location

While not located in a known place, Watsonville Community Hospital is a stone’s throw from Santa Cruz, California: 24 minutes to be exact. Here in this little slice of Zen, you’ll find mountains, wineries, strawberry festivals, dunes, and beaches. You’ll be living a true farm-to-table life while becoming part of the community.

On days off, you’ll find fun, weird, and endearing places to explore; From the beaches to the boardwalk in Santa Cruz; to the Mystery Spot and zip lines through the redwood forest. Santa Cruz country offers the perfect mix of adventure and R&R.  

Since Watsonville and Santa Cruz are close to the sea and in touch with the land, you’ll find that amazing food is always available! Local, organic, and mouthwateringly delicious. It would be a shame to sway anyone towards specific places to eat when every spot takes care and pride in what they put on the table in from of their customers. Visitors will not want for things to do, try, or eat. Bed and Breakfasts, Mom and Pop shops, and boutiques are plentiful here, presenting the ideal setting for a staycation. Capitola, in particular, is a beautifully unique destination for sights and shopping. However, if you get an itch for city life, San Jose is only 30-40 minutes away via a gorgeous drive through the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

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