Go 4th and Prosper

What’s the worst holiday to work on? Thanksgiving or The 4th of July?

We wanted to know, so, we trolled Reddit and found stories and quotes from people ahead of the 4th of July to see how they compared to Thanksgiving… but what we found was stories and quotes that will remind any nurse that they’ll have job security as long as an affinity for fireworks and foolishness remains in the gene pool.


Count your blessing and your fingers. 


For a light pick-me-up, please enjoy the following passages.

In response to this photo here

“A nice reprieve from the usual butt plug Olympics”

“Looks like AI learning to draw X-ray pictures” 

“Baby you’re a firework, come on let your metacarpals burst!”

“Free from fingers”

“I thought these were gang signs? Yeah, throw up the bloodied”


Under: Americans Celebrate 4th of July in the ER

“New conspiracy theory: 4th of July was made up by Hospitals and medical insurance companies to profit off of firework accidents.”

“My aunt has been a nurse for like damn near 30 years now, and she says Fourth of Jul is easily the worst day of the year for her because its just nonstop mutilated hands and people sobbing as they stare at their stumps rethinking every life choice thought lead them to that spot.”

“This is why they should stop being advertised as fireworks and be called what they are, explosives. “

“10,000 ER visits due to fireworks each year. Man that is a lot!”


Under: Americans of Reddit, what stupidity have you witnessed on this 4th of July?

“Not this July, but some years back, my best friend in highschool was complaining about her stupid brother putting a firecracker up his ass. It went off and the issue only got found out when he finally admitted to having an infection and needed to go to the hospital.

Sounds too stupid to be real, but I knew this idiot since he was in a few of my classes. Dumbest person I’ve known irl. Went down flights of stairs in wheelchairs for fun.”

“Some idiot just drove by our house in his big ass truck with two half naked dudes standing in the back with American flags shooting off bottle rockets. I couldn’t understand what they were scream singing but I’m expecting police and or ambulances to go by soon”

“Watching as one of my neighbors decided they wanted to put a lit Roman Candle down the back of their pants (assuming between their cheeks). Natural selection at it’s finest.”


Here’s to keeping ya’ll employable and hearing how this year goes, stay safe out there!


What our 4th will look like this year: 2k23 baby!

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