Upping the Benefits Game!

Lead has officially unveiled its brand new partnership with Mutual of Omaha to bring a slew of new benefits to all travelers at no additional cost. Here is what you can expect:

We know that traveling can be mentally exhausting, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless nurses are feeling more burnt out and overworked than ever before. Our new partnership will allow travelers access to 5 free one-on-one mental health counseling sessions with a licensed therapy professional via the EAP program.

In addition to the free mental health sessions, travelers can also gain life insurance benefits of 10,000 dollars, free travel

assistance, Will Preparation, and much more.


Email our benefits team at benefitsteam@leadhealth.com to learn more about all the new benefits afforded to you at no additional cost!

Cheers and happy nursing!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible for this insurance? 

You must be actively working (performing all normal duties of your job) at least 30 hours per week. 

What is Guarantee Issue? 

The amount of insurance applied for without answering any health questions (or which does not require evidence of insurability). Coverage amounts over the Guarantee Issue Amount will require evidence of insurability. 

What is Evidence of Insurability? 

Evidence of Insurability or proof of good health – may be required if you are a late entrant and/or you request any additional coverage above your guarantee issue amount. 

Can I take this insurance with me if I change jobs/am no longer a member of this group? 

In the event this insurance ends due to a change in your employment/membership status with the group, or for certain other reasons, you may have the right to continue this insurance under the Conversion provision, subject to certain conditions. 

Are there any limitations, reductions or exclusions? 

The benefits payable are based on the following: 

Insurance benefits and guarantee issue amounts are subject to age reductions: 

– At age 65, amounts reduce to 65% 

– At age 70, amounts reduce to 50% 

Information about the AD&D exclusions for this plan will be included in the summary of coverage, which you will receive after enrolling. 

All exclusions may not be applicable, or may be adjusted, as required by state regulations.


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