Travel Nursing jobs in New York State!

You may be asking yourself: Where do I look for a travel nursing assignment? Is New York a good place to travel nurse? Does New York have any jobs open? What does New York have besides the city?

The Short:

New York State is an exceptional destination for travel nursing this summer; with its vibrant and diverse culture, breathtaking natural landscapes, and world-class healthcare facilities, it offers a unique and fulfilling experience for nurses seeking adventure and professional growth. 

The Long: New York is home to renowned hospitals and medical centers, providing ample opportunities for career development and learning from top-notch healthcare professionals. Additionally, New York State boasts loads of attractions, including the iconic sights of New York City, the weird name but beautiful scenery of the Finger Lakes region, and the always stunning Adirondack Mountains. Exploring the state during the summer allows travel nurses to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and visiting beautiful beaches while still dabbling in iconic city life. Moreover, New York State embraces cultural diversity, offering various culinary experiences, museums, art galleries, and quirky neighborhoods to explore. Overall, New York State is a top pick for an unforgettable summer experience for travel nurses, combining professional fulfillment with new adventures. 

Peruse before for jobs available in New York State:

Surgery OR – New York City – $3777

Surgery OR – New York City – $3469

Cath Lab – Brooklyn – $2761

Pediatrics – Elmhurst – $3272

Pediatrics – Bronx – $3296

Labor & Delivery – Binghamton – $2114

Surgery OR – Binghamton – $2357

Case Management – Rochester – $2882 

CST Surgery OR – Rochester – $2312

ICU – Rochester – $2483

Med Surg – Rochester – $2483

Cath Lab – Rochester – $3643

ER – Rochester – $2749


There’s still more where that came from, so if you don’t see what you’re looking or have some other questions reach out to our in-house nurses and clinician experience department at!

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