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What's brewing, travel crew? As October's end creeps closer, it's our travel nurses who light the way through the shadows. You all are the real treat of this haunting season! 🎃👻

This month, we've got some thrilling job opportunities lurking on the West Coast, especially in the ever-charming California! But hold onto your witch hats – Arizona’s brewing up some surprises too!

Feeling brave enough to hop on the broomstick? Hit us up at 714-582-4033, and let's chat by the cauldron's glow! Keep bewitching the nursing world - we’re cheering you on through every cryptic twist and turn! 🎃👻

The Spotlight Is On:

Bakersfield, CA

Ped - PICU - 12hr Nights / $3,041

Bakersfield, often referred to as the country music capital of the West Coast, is a city rich in history and cultural depth. Strategically situated at the southern end of California's Central Valley, it's a hub for agriculture, energy production, and more recently, an expanding healthcare sector. The city's unique blend of urban and rural offers residents the chance to work in growing industries while still having easy access to the beautiful outdoor attractions like the Kern River. Bakersfield is also home to a variety of music festivals, and the iconic Buck Owens' Crystal Palace stands as a testament to its deep-rooted musical heritage. With affordable housing, diverse job opportunities, and a strong sense of community, Bakersfield is a vibrant place to live and work.

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Special Offers From Kaiser

Southern California is a vibrant blend of sun-soaked beaches, dynamic industries, and rich culture. From Hollywood's entertainment hubs to San Diego's biotech corridors, opportunities abound. The region boasts diverse recreational activities, from coastal surfing to desert hikes. With a mix of arts, cuisine, and innovation framed by palm trees and perennial sunshine, SoCal isn't just a place to live—it's a lifestyle choice.



Palmdale, CA

Surgery - 10hr Days / $3,138

Palmdale, part of Los Angeles County's Antelope Valley, has evolved into a dynamic city with an ever-growing population and economy. As the aerospace capital of California, Palmdale boasts a rich aviation history, with major aerospace companies operating within its vicinity. This city isn't just about planes and rockets; it's also surrounded by natural beauty. The San Gabriel Mountains to the south and the vast Mojave Desert to the north provide endless recreational opportunities. With new developments and amenities, Palmdale continues to attract those seeking a suburban lifestyle while still being connected to major urban hubs, thanks to the Metrolink rail system. It's a city where innovation meets daily living, making it an appealing choice for professionals and families alike.