Clinician Experience Department

Welcome to the Clinician Experience Department! Created with nurses in our hearts, minds, and office, our mission is to make your healthcare career exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. We're not your typical healthcare department - we're a passionate squad of passionate who are ready to help healthcare professionals from Nurses to CSTs, to all Allied Healthcare Professionals (PLOT TWIST: We’re nurses too!). Our team members are experienced travel healthcare pros who understand what it means to be a healthcare wanderluster! 

Stay tuned for some exciting projects that will keep the focus 100% on you even if it means we burn the midnight oil! 

Director of Clinical Operations

Christine "Chriss" Diltz, MBA, BSN, RN.

A seasoned travel nurse with over 11 years of experience, she's been there and done that! But Chriss isn't just a healthcare pro - she's a motorcycle-riding, hiking, traveling the world adventurer who's always ready for her next challenge.

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