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Tom Blue, Chief Strategy Officer

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Tom Blue is a veteran and pioneer in the field of private (“concierge”) medicine. As a builder of private physician practices since 2002, he has a unique perspective on the history and evolution of the industry and the ingredients for success at the practice level. In 2009, Tom accepted the role of Executive Director of the American Academy of Private Physicians, the national professional association for private physicians. Under his direction, the academy re-branded itself, found itself in national media, and grown significantly to serve the ever-expanding ranks of physicians who are reinventing themselves and their practices across the United States. Tom co-founded n1Health in 2011. As of 2014, n1Health had physician partners in 7 states and was the fastest growing firm of its kind. In 2015, Tom aspired to impact healthcare on a larger scale and partnered with AIA to form LeadHealth, a company focused on applying root cause approach to chronic diseases.

He is a frequent speaker who in the last year, has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNN/Money, Business Week, and numerous other print, television, and radio media outlets in connection with his work.

Speaking Topics

Solving the $3 Trillion Healthcare Riddle

Solving the $3 Trillion Healthcare Riddle

Despite the rapid growth and use of technology across the country our healthcare costs per person continue to rise.  This presentation offers insight to this $3 Trillion healthcare nightmare and reveals the root cause of this problem – our approach. This simple shift in methodology is impacting the lives of chronically ill people, especially those with autoimmune disease. The investigation of why disease happens in lieu of treating symptoms with pills should be at the foundation of healthcare approach, yet our current model of care doesn’t allow for it. Discover how this has come to be, a plausible solution and what you can do to protect your greatest asset – your health and that of your employees.

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