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Employers Are Taking Back Primary Care

Employers have embraced wellness in large numbers but it is clear these efforts are not nearly enough to stem the tide of deteriorating employee health and ever increasing health care cost.

The fact is that the people with the greatest influence over the health of Americans are Employers– not physicians. In order to create health we must optimize medical consumption and that’s what we are doing at LeadHealth’s work-site clinics.



We are committed to changing the current definition of the word prescription, it will no longer mean to prescribe medications alone. We will prescribe one of the most effective drugs that will never appear on a medication list, it’s called education.

of all on-site employees have become patients
of patients have addressable high cost disease burdens
average number of visits per patient
of patients choose a Functional Medicine approach
  • 51% of all on-site employees

    have attended an event/seminar

  • 31% of event attendees

    have become patients

  • 30% of event attendees

    want more information about The Functional Medicine Center

Engagement That Works!

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We understand that employers contemplating work-site clinics have concerns about the engagement rates of employees. With 51% of employees attending our educational seminars and events we create educational programs that drive 31% of attendees to become a patient of our work-site clinics. Even more impressive is 30% of event attendees want to learn more about Functional Medicine. Our unique clinical approach tailors educational programs relevant to claims data, allowing the Team at LeadHealth to drive engagement based upon health concerns employees can relate to….. and it works!

A few examples of our programming include topics like:

  • What is Functional Medicine?

  • Inflammation

  • Gut Health: The Second Brain

  • Food 101: The New Food Pyramid

  • Cooking Demonstrations: Gluten Free and Dairy Free

  • Stress Reduction: Measuring & Reducing

Our mission doesn’t stop there. As a patient of a LeadHealth work-site clinic our team continues to customize the patient experience and create a true healthcare experience – not just treating our patients when they are sick, but focused on keeping them well.

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