Telemedicine Program


We understand that creating an on-site clinic is not a reality for all employers.

In our experience in caring for employees who work remotely we have discovered that Telemedicine allows employees improved access to a physician. As more businesses have created virtual workplaces, our program is used to bring healthcare services to employees despite their physical location.

We empower employees to take charge of their health! The end goal is to move patients to optimal health while eliminating their need for high cost prescription drugs and resolving issues that facilitate dramatic health changes.

Telemedicine has been shown to reduce healthcare costs and improve efficiency through better management of diseases among health professionals and reduced travel time for employees. Telemedicine provides quality services as good or even better than those provided in traditional in-person appointments.

LeadHealth TeleMedicine program was designed to reverse diseases in this addressable-risk claim population. Addressable-risk claims are expenses associated with medications and healthcare utilization, which are tied to conditions that may be addressed through Functional Medicine. This unique approach targets the underlying cause of disease, which commonly remains unaddressed by conventional disease management.

The first step is the most important one we will take – together. Getting to understand how your employees are using healthcare and how much it is costing them and you.

  • 22% of employers

    with 1,000+ employees offer telemedicine services*

  • 37% of employers

    plan to offer telemedicine services in 2016*

  • $6 billion per year

    the amount U.S. employers could save by providing telemedicine technologies to their employees*

**** The Promise of Telehealth For Hospitals, Health Systems and Their Communities, TrendWatch, January 2015
  • 74% of patients are comfortable

    with communicating with their doctors using technology instead of seeing them in person.***

  • 67% of patients said

    that using telemedicine somewhat or significantly increases their satisfaction with medical care.****

  • 30% of patients

    already use computers or mobile devices to check their medical or diagnostic information.*****

  • 7 million

    the number of patients using telemedicine services in 2018, up from less than 350,000 in 2013**

What is Telemedicine?

Our innovative solutions use cutting-edge video technology
to address employees’ chronic disease issues, while educating them about their lab markers and simple lifestyle modification that generate big results. We have found that when employee’s receive care on their terms, with a Functional Medicine physician who helps them understand the root cause of their symptoms the employee becomes hopeful about their ability to succeed. Additionally, we make it easy to access our collaborative care team from home, work or even on vacation. If your employee’s have a smart phone or access to a computer with a video camera, we can delivery a cohesive healthcare experience that allows them to have their care team in one place.

Invest in Cost Avoidance

Healthcare costs are typically the second highest operating expense after salaries!

Employee’s poor health is costing employers more than they may realize. According to the Gallop Poll, absent and unhealthy American workers cost businesses up to $153 Million in lost productivity alone. That doesn’t even include the cost of the medical claims and pharmacy spends to care for these sick workers. LeadHealth works with self-insured employers to identify and mitigate healthcare risks. Using our Population Health Management Algorithm to analyze claims data and pharmacy spends we identify high claimant employees with chronic diseases.

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