At LeadHealth, we believe that employee well-being begins with a company’s culture and their success is accelerated by a “root cause” or Functional Medicine approach to care. Our physician led worksite centers and telemedicine programs support enlightened employers’ desire to provide individualized care to their employees, while managing the down stream costs of chronic disease.

Addressable Claims: A New Perspective on Healthcare Costs.

LeadHealth in collaboration with The Cleveland Clinic and the Institute for Functional Medicine targets high- claimants whose conditions are addressable using Functional Medicine– to address the root cause of their chronic disease. Our unique approach combined with our clinic care team have demonstrated that the potential exists to identify and resolve the underlying cause of the chronic conditions and often alleviate the need for specialty medications altogether.

Addressable-risk claims are expenses associated with medications and health care utilization, which are tied to conditions that may be addressed through Functional Medicine… targeting the underlying cause of disease which commonly remains unaddressed by conventional disease management.


Addressable chronic diseases include:

We know that as a self-insured employer the dollars invested into wellness programs- need to make sense.

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