The Difference

The Difference Is in The Approach

We are often asked what are the difference between Functional Medicine and Conventional Medicine, the best way to explain it is in the approach. At LeadHealth our physician led teams, believe that individual care is the only way to truly deliver value to both the employee and the employer. We take an individualized approach that is based on the employee’s health goals, potential risk and preferred method of learning.

Functional Medicine

Health Oriented
Patient Centered
Individualized Approach
Understands the Interconnectivity
of The Organ Systems
Cost Effective
Identifying the Root Cause of Symptoms
Preventative Approach
High Touch / High Tech

Conventional Medicine

Disease Oriented
Doctor Centered
One Size Fits All Approach
Symptom Suppression
Early Detection of Disease
High Tech

The Advantages of Functional Medicine

Ultimately, this is the question that all of us will sooner or later have to answer for ourselves, and you must answer it now for your company.

After increasing our healthcare spending by 5,000% on an annual per capita basis over the last 40 years, we have learned that we cannot buy our way to good health by suppressing the effects of disease. We have to change the strategy.

Our advantage lies in a more enlightened approach to managing health. We engage the best-trained physicians in the country to seek out and address the underlying causes of health problems for our clients.

Like a weed in your garden, the only way to resolve a health problem is through its roots.

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