Plans & Incentives

Our Approach

Structure dictates behavior. Nowhere in our lives is this more true than in healthcare.

The efforts of your health center must be supported by the design of your health plan and associated incentives.

We want to create a company of savvy healthcare consumers who are independent stewards of their own health. To accomplish this, the healthcare economic structure within which they exist has to encourage them to behave as an informed, responsible consumer.

  • They should feel the financial rewards of good health and the cost of recklessness and disengagement.
  • They should have the information and support they need to find the highest value healthcare services in the community. And when they do, they should feel the savings they help to create.
  • The financial obstacles standing between a motivated person and their ability to restore their health should be minimized.

We will explore this topic in more depth if you decide to explore a partnership with us.

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