Our Approach

We are led to believe that healthcare is a commodity, and all “primary care providers” are pretty much the same. This is ridiculous.

Everything we do relies on our ability to find the right doctors and our commitment to support them in their ongoing education.

It takes special training and an ongoing commitment to continuous learning to cultivate the skills required to find and treat the often-elusive causes of disease. These doctors are in very short supply, and we won’t launch a health center without the right physician in place.

What does this mean to you if you are thinking about exploring a partnership with LeadHealth?

  • You will not have a cast of doctors from which to choose. We are looking for a rare blend to interpersonal, communication, and technical skills that is not easy to find.
  • We cannot work with clients that are not ready to make the total commitment required to succeed.
  • While surprisingly, we are not the most expensive, we are not the cheapest workplace health provider. This is largely because we rely on physicians to lead our centers; we compensate them well; we invest in their ongoing education; and we support them with consulting physician experts from around the country.

Are you ready to learn more?