Evaluating Clients

Our Approach

The idea of managing healthcare costs by managing health sounds logical (maybe even obvious) to just about everyone. But not everyone is ready to actually do it.

Our first job is to weed out potential clients that aren’t ready for our approach. This probably sounds strange or insincere. It’s not. Here’s why

Physicians capable of finding and addressing the underlying causes of disease have to be specially trained. And frankly, they have to be pretty special people, because it is very difficult to treat the cause of a health problem without the active participation of the patient.

These doctors are growing in numbers, but there still aren’t nearly enough of them. We must put their talent to the best possible use.

The ideal client for our approach has to be ready to create a health-sustaining workplace. A skilled physician and an onsite health center cannot overcome a workplace designed to create disease.

Our clients must have:

  • A specific desire to manage health using the approach of finding and addressing the root causes of disease. We handle urgent health issues, but we are not an onsite urgent care clinic.
  • The genuine commitment of the leaders of the business to building a culture of health around the workplace health center.
  • The courage to remove mountains of sugar found in most workplace vending machines and cafeterias.
  • The openness to modify their health plan to remove the financial obstacles to creating health.
  • A long-term commitment to health transformation and the resulting cost reduction. We cannot guarantee miraculous savings in the first year after launching a health center.

If you are one of these companies, contact us.