Assessing Risk

Our Approach

You can tell a lot about healthcare providers by the way they assess health and health risks.

Most companies in the employer health field do mass-health risk assessments. Everyone gets the same set of tests. Invariably, this means that money is being wasted on some people and not enough is being spent to investigate the health of others.

We do it differently. The baseline assessment is efficient and is the same for everyone. But those who need a deeper investigation get it. These are the people whose health threatens the sustainability of your health plan, and they must be a priority.

For these people, we use more advanced lab testing and diagnostic technology than will be found elsewhere in the workplace health arena. The simple reason is that it takes deeper exploration to find the underlying cause of health dysfunction.

In the end, everyone we assess emerges from the process with a specific action plan to restore, grow, and protect their health.

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