Our Approach

From your first encounter with us, you will realize this is not your typical healthcare experience. LeadHealth’s programs were developed to extend the company’s commitment to employee health with our unique clinical approach. Using a Functional Medicine perspective on health, we work to identify the root cause of a medical issue, rather than just focusing on managing the symptoms. While we still use prescription medications and standard testing, we are looking to reverse the actual source of the problem.

What is Functional Medicine?

You may be asking yourself, What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is an approach that involves looking at the underlying cause vs. suppressing the symptom. Watch the following video to learn more about the benefits.

Our Commitment

Taking Back Primary Care:  We believe that employers have a great deal of influence over the health of their employees. In fact, one may say that employers have more influence over their employee’s health than a even a doctor.

The 3 Trillion Dollar Riddle:  How is it that we continue to spend more on healthcare than any other developed country and yet we have the most chronic diseases of any country?

Our Approach

Evaluating Clients

The idea of managing healthcare costs by managing health sounds logical…

Assessing Risk

You can tell a lot about healthcare providers by the way they assess health and health risks…

Plans & Incentives

Structure dictates behavior. Nowhere in our lives is this more true than in healthcare…


We are led to believe that healthcare is a commodity…

Measuring Results

Return on investment is a dicey topic in the workplace health arena…

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