Member Experience

Health is determined by the interactions between our genetics, our lifestyle, and our environment. Two of these three variables are within our control.

In fact, only about 20% of our health is determined by our genetics. 80% of our health is dictated by our behavior. Therefore, health is far more of a skill than most of us ever imagined.

Our approach to managing health is heavily influenced by this realization. Education is at the core of our mission. If we do our job well, we will liberate our members from dependence on the healthcare system largely through learning experiences.

Members who engage in this dimension of LeadHealth’s services will learn:

  • To use nutrition to repair and sustain their health
  • To optimize their sleep
  • To manage stress and its impact on their health
  • To monitor their own health and interpret their own lab results
  • To navigate community healthcare resources to seek out value and protect themselves from medical errors

Are you ready to learn more?